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Team Spotlight: Matt

We ask our team to share their experiences and how their lives have changed since joining Go2. Here's what they have to say.

How long have you been working with Go2?

6 months.

What was your job before joining Go2?

Team Leader.

What made you decide to work from home?

Time: I have to wake up 3-4 hours before shift every day for preparation, and travel time. I also have to spend 2 hours traveling back home after work. So I am saving 5-6 hours every day now that I am working from home. I get to enjoy those saved time with my family and other things that I want to do.

Security: I used to work on a graveyard shift and walk for 10-15 minutes to get to the main road to wait for transportation. I used to worry about robbers and thieves. But now, not anymore. :)

Money: There's no question, I earn a lot better in Go2 than with my other companies in the past. I also get to save a lot by eating at home and lesser "team lunches". I am not being deducted for my benefits at Go2 but I can pay it on my own since everything can be paid online anyways.

Happiness: My inspiration and the reason why I am working is here at home with me and I can see them anytime.

Bonus: No more toxic officemates!! :)

How and where did you learn about Go2?

Social Media.

What surprised you about working with Go2?

When I applied here in Go2, I knew that I will be working from home. What I did not expect is that I will be working with cool and amazing bunch of people. From Go2 people down to the clients, they all made me feel like I belong to the family. I like how Go2 let empower the staffs to be creative in figuring out how to become awesome at their roles.

How has your life changed since working with Go2?

My relationship with my wife and kids are better because of less stress from work and bad traffic. I get to spend more time and bond with them which is priceless. I get to cook and do some household chores which is making my wife really happy. haha

Any encouraging words to those who are planning to work with Go2?

Working from home and joining the awesome Go2 team is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. If you think you are mature enough and want to jump start your home based career (when I say career, I mean long term with growth), do not hesitate to join our team. Once you're in, you'll know what I mean. :)